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University of British Columbia Open House

Have your students registered for the UBC Engineering & SALA Open House yet?The UBC Engineering & SALA Open House is THIS Saturday, November 7. We have several live presentations that all require registration. By sharing these details with your students, you can help ensure they get a spot to watch and ask questions live! 

Saturday is also the one day all year that they'll have the chance to drop-in to virtual booths:

  • Speak in a group or one-on-one with:
    • All 14 of our engineering programs (Vancouver), the School of Engineering (Okanagan), and the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
    • Experiential Learning and Academic Services like Co-op, International Experiences and more!
    • Student Teams and Clubs

Students will also get access to pre-recorded Lab Tours and pre-recorded Introduction to Engineering videos.




10:00-10:30am UBC Engineering Admissions
High school students are invited to learn more about applying to UBC Engineering. Learn about course planning, admissions requirements and the application process! Parents, guardians, teachers and counsellors are also welcome to attend.

10:30-11:00am Why Engineering?
Want to impact climate change? Respond to a global crisis? Design Technology to help people? Change the world by becoming an engineer! Engineering is a creative and innovative field. Join us to learn what makes engineering a great degree and career!

1:30-2:30pm Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urbanism Information Session
Explore the program curriculum and hear from current students about their experiences. We will also help you navigate the application, give you tips on your creative test and answer any questions you may have.



12:30-1:00pm Indigenous Student Panel
Indigenous high school students are invited to hear from current Indigenous students about their experience in UBC Engineering.

1:00-1:30pm Women in Engineering Student Panel
Girls in grades 10-12 are invited to hear from current women students about their academic and professional experience as a woman in engineering.

Please be aware that we have an inclusive view of the word “girl” and we welcome trans*, genderqueer and non-binary folks interested in this workshop.


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