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What is the difference between Home Education and Virtual School?

In order to help families make informed decisions about their child's education, we seek to help identify the differences between Home Education and Virtual School.

Home Education (Homeschooling) Virtual School
• Parent-led • Teacher-led (school-directed)
• Students work from home under parent direction • Students work from home under teacher direction, using blended online & offline programming
• Families select from resources that best support their home education program plan & philosophy • Curriculum is from the Alberta Program of Study
• LRSD Home Education parents are able to access programming such as community phys ed programs, certain online learning programs, attending special presentations, and participating in school sports teams. • Virtual School students are provided a robust, comprehensive educational program in an online environment; have access to teacher support throughout the day as needed; are part of an online classroom of peers; and are able to participate in school sports teams

To register or for specific questions, contact Division Principal of Home Education and Virtual School, Tara Tanner at tannert@lrsd.ab.ca or 403-625-3356.

Click here for a PDF chart of the differences between Home Education and Virtual School.

How much does it cost?

Online learning through Livingstone Range Virtual School is FREE for students up to the age of 19.  After this the student must explore their education further through another source such as college or other virtual school options.

How much time do I need to do online learning?

We suggest that your time should be treated as if you were in the classroom learning.  Each core class requires approximately 90 minutes per day, where an option course requires approximately 1 hour per day.


What learning platform is used?

Our learning management system is Hapara.  It is used for the teacher and student to communicate with which assignments are due, tests, etc.  Students also submit their work to the teacher through Hapara.

How do I access Hapara?

Once a student is registered for Virtual School, they will receive a school email which has a unique username and password to access Hapara from their teacher.

Can anybody sign up for online learning?

Yes.  Students within and outside of the LRSD district may sign up until they are 19.

LRSD students are asked to enroll through their local school.

Out of District students may enroll as a full time student until September 30th.