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Staff Directory


Photo of Tara Tanner

Tara Tanner

Division office

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Michelle Hedley

Michelle Hedley

Division office


Photo of Sarah Cowley

Sarah Cowley


Photo of Johannah Daniels-Wirzba

Johannah Daniels-Wirzba

Walshe Crossroads

Photo of Kirby Dietze

Kirby Dietze


Photo of Deanndra Fransden

Deanndra Fransden

Walshe Crossroads

Photo of Kim Greven

Kim Greven

MHHS Gateway School

Photo of Sydney Wallis

Sydney Wallis


Educational Assistants

Photo of Emma Drake

Emma Drake

Walshe Crossroads

Photo of Natalie Jensen

Natalie Jensen

MHHS Gateway School

placeholder image for Garrett Kennedy

Garrett Kennedy

Photo of Billi Lowe

Billi Lowe

MHHS Gateway School