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Career Exploration Sessions


Click HERE to access the wind turbine poster!



Wind Turbine Technician - sponsored by Vestas

Date: Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Reminder: Each student needs to register in advance in order to receive a link to the virtual events. The deadline to register is 12:00 pm the morning of the event. Career Exploration Sessions are run as a Meeting on Microsoft Teams. Further instructions along with the link will be sent directly to the student(s).

The session will be recorded and posted to our website within 5 days of the event. Any student who was unable to attend the live session can be directed here: (https://www.careersteps.ca/exploration-sessions/). Obviously, the advantage of attending in person is that students can ask questions of the host during the live event.

Watch for registration details coming soon for:

  • Civil Engineering Technician - March 10
  • Plumber - March 24
  • Bank Manager - March 30
  • Neuroscientist - April 27
  • Occupational Therapist - May 12
  • Personal Trainer - May 17
  • IT in Banking - moved to Fall 2022

Questions in the meantime? Email (office@careersteps.ca) or call (403-328-3996)

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