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What is the difference between at-home learning and Home Education?

In order to help families make informed decisions about their child's education, we seek to help identify the differences between Home Education and at-home learning.

Home Education (Homeschooling) At-Home Learning
• Parents responsible for instruction & assessment • Certified teachers responsible for instruction & assessment
• Students work from home under parent direction • Students work from home under teacher direction, using blended online & offline programming
• Families select from resources that best support their home education program plan & philosophy • Curriculum is from the Alberta Program of Study
• Enroll by September 30 and receive financial support for materials & resources • Students may transition back into in-person school at appropriate times

To register or for specific questions, contact Division Principal of At-Home Learning and Home Education, Tara Tanner at tannert@lrsd.ab.ca or 403-625-3356.

Click here for a PDF chart of the differences between Home Education and At-Home Learning.